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The Lunar Clinic is the first virtual Chinese medicine clinic exclusively for women. Many women can benefit from the preventative orientation of Oriental medicine and Chinese medicine in particular. Unfortunately, skilled and experienced consultation in Chinese dietary therapy and Chinese medicine is difficult to find in many areas of the country.

For women who wish to investigate the value of traditional Chinese medicine in addressing problems of the various phases of life, a virtual clinic may be the answer.

Combining the best of Western medical knowledge with the time-honored traditions of Oriental herbal medicine, women around the World are now empowered with more choices for themselves and their families. The unique strengths of Chinese herbal medicine to regulate and balance the lunar and life cycles are now available to women in the West through The Lunar Clinic.

Designed and directed by a nurse with more than 28 years of experience in Western medicine as well as unique qualifications in Oriental medicine, The Lunar Clinic is the first e-medicine site exclusively for women.

As a result of the efforts of hundreds of generations of physicians, shamans, wise women, and mothers of all nations and cultures, it is now known that health is a dynamic state, always changing and adapting to changes in environment, food, social network, and spiritual and emotional condition.

More so than in the modern Western medical world, the Ancients of Asia saw the ebb and flow of repletion and vacuity play itself out in all of the universe around them: the celestial transits; the earthly seasons from Spring to Winter; the harvest cycles of development and maturity; the waxing and waning of the lunar cycles; the cycle of day and night.

And they also saw a responsive harmony in the body's patterns, from the tiniest cycles within a pulse beat to the 7 year long phases of a woman's life from birth to death.

Change was the only permanent factor in this view. And ancient medicine began with the concept of adjusting the body's rhythms so as to be in harmony with the local and extended world.

The primary medicine for women in the traditional Chinese perspective are medicines made from the minerals and earth, plant roots, stems, bark, and fruits. The Asian systems developed in a time of individual relationships between practitioner and patient, and the only tools available were those of the natural World, and of the nature within.


the first virtual Chinese medical clinic for women Visit The Lunar Clinic, exclusively for women.