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August 2006


In keeping with its status as the number one source of bad ideas aimed at destroying American medicine, AMA delegates have officially endorsed a program that would involve the IRS to enforce penalties for anyone who is not presently contributing enough to the astounding profits of the health “insurance” industry:

“Under the AMA plan, the government would use the tax code to achieve compliance, possibly by handing out significant tax penalties to people who choose not to follow the directive.” American Medical News July 3, 2006, page one.

With record profits for the health care industry in 2005, and yearly costs for health “insurance” premiums reaching $10,000.00 for an average American family in 2006, adding to the trillions of dollars which now flow into the third party payment/regulatory system seems irrational at best, as none of these dollars provide for actual patient care.

As  detailed at the Myths of Modern Medicine page at my website, calling this fraudulent financing scheme “insurance” is certainly misleading, but this latest outrageous suggestion falls right in line with the AMA’s extremely profitable creation and promotion of the “current procedural terminology” (CPT) codes which control how all physicians and medical professionals are paid in the U.S.

Because these only code for procedures, and not results, they have created a system that ensures multiple workups, excessive prescribing, and a bias for expensive and dangerous interventions, irregardless of results obtained or the relative risk and benefit of the test or procedure.

The American Medical Association apparently feels that their best idea to benefit their membership is to funnel more cash out of actual patient care and create another expensive bureaucracy within the Internal Revenue Service. If your doctor is a member, perhaps you should find out why. (L.B. Grotte, 2006)


Your local officials and the medical-industrial complex don’t want you to think about it, but vast amounts of hormones, pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy agents prescribed to patients enter our sewers every day. Here they are recycled into drinking water and your showers, pools and baths. Countless numbers of outdated and unwanted prescriptions are also just "tossed out" by flushing them out of sight. But they don't just disappear. Present water purification technology was not designed to address pharmaceutical contamination.

Nobody tests for these substances, so there is no data on their levels. It is unknown what effect low levels of hundreds of drugs and their metabolites have on human and animal health. When you consider that every drug given in a modern hospital or taken by a patient at home ends up in the sewer system, either as a metabolite or as the active drug, it is intriguing that our medical and governmental “experts” have never voiced any concern about the potential for danger.

Industrial chemicals that have hormonal effect have already been associated with disruptions in sexual development in humans, so one wonders how much of our increasing burden of disease and mental illness is due to our fantastically ignorant determination to prescribe multiple drugs to every American and our failure to consider the consequences of dumping enormous quantities of potent pharmaceuticals, their metabolites, and a variety of “life style” chemicals into our waterways. (L.B. Grotte, 2006)

'Gender-bending' chemicals found to 'feminise' boys.

39 more references from New Scientist in Great Britain

Regular didgeridoo playing appears to reduce snoring and daytime sleepiness. Twenty-five patients with moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and who also complained of snoring were randomly allocated to an intervention group (didgeridoo lessons and daily practice at home for four months) or a control group (remained on a waiting list for lessons).  Compared with the control group, daytime sleepiness and apnea scores  improved significantly in the didgeridoo group whose partners also reported much less sleep disturbance. (BMJ, Dec 2005;doi:10.1136/bmj.38705.470590.55).

Ed. Note: Other studies have shown benefits for chronic sinus symptoms from playing the didgeridoo, but unlike expensive CPAP technology and sleep apnea surgery, this solution costs nothing, so you won’t find it suggested by your AMA-endorsed physician or our high technology sleep centers. (see above)


A study which compared graded activity to usual care in 134 low back pain sufferers working for a Dutch airline company, found that those who exercised – despite experiencing pain – were able to return to work nearly 30 days earlier than those who rested their back more. It is thought that part of the benefit was due to developing an understanding that pain did not mean harm was being done and that one should therefore refrain from activity. (Annals of Internal Medicine, 20 January 2004, Vol. 140, Issue 2: 77-84).


A meta-analysis of 10 international studies involving around a third of a million subjects, has found that consumption of 10g of dietary fiber a day reduced the risk of all coronary events by 14%, and of dying of coronary heart disease by 27%. The highest benefit appeared to come from dietary fiber in cereal foods and fruit. (Arch Intern Med. 2004;164:370-376).



Data from over 14,000 hypertensive men enrolled in the Physicians’ Health Study, suggests that moderate drinking of alcohol (weekly drinking) resulted in a 39% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to non-drinkers, a figure which rose to 44% among those who drank moderate amounts daily. Heavy drinking, however, is associated with increases in blood pressure. (Arch Intern Med. 2004;164:623-628).


It’s bad news for the beleaguered codfish, but new research shows that cod liver oil can delay or even reverse the destruction of joint cartilage. The research focused on damaged cartilage removed from patients undergoing knee replacement surgery. Cartilage treated with omega-3 fatty acids for 24 hours in the laboratory, then chemically stimulated to produce an inflammatory response, was found not to contain the expected enzymes responsible for cartilage destruction and the inflammatory response. Untreated cartilage responded as expected. (Cardiff University, news release, Feb. 12, 2004.)


Data from 23 years of trials in the USA suggests that organic farming can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and fix it as organic matter in the soil. According to the Rodale Institute, if 10,000 medium sized farms in the USA converted to organic production, they would store carbon in the soil equivalent to taking 1,174,400 cars off the road, or reducing car miles driven by 14.62 billion. Converting the USA’s 160 million corn and soybean acres to organic production would remove enough carbon to satisfy 73% of the Kyoto targets for CO2 reduction in the USA. By contrast, US agriculture as currently practiced, emits a total of 1.5 trillion pounds of CO2 annually into the atmosphere. Continuing research is being undertaken by The Rodale Institute, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


Women who take longer than one year to conceive with unprotected intercourse, whether naturally or using assisted reproduction, are more likely to have a premature birth, a full-term baby with low birth weight, or a Caesarian section. The data was collected from 56,000 women registered with the Danish National Birth Cohort. The risk of premature birth was 40% higher for first-time mothers and 80% for multiparas. (Hum. Reprod. 2003 18: 2478-2484).


It is a truism that men are attracted to women with large breasts and narrow waists, with consequent accentuation of the hips. Now a study has shown that women with this shape are significantly more fertile than other women. The researchers calculated waist-hip ratios by dividing the waist measurement by the hip measurement, and found an average figure of 0.72. In narrow-waisted women this figure was 0.68. Similarly, breast size was calculated by dividing the measurement around the breasts by the measurement around the abdomen directly beneath the breasts. The average was 1.16, with large-breasted women having an average figure of 1.2. They then took daily saliva tests for several months and recorded levels of estradiol and progesterone – markers of fertility. Women with both lower waist hip ratios and higher breast size, had higher progesterone levels and an average of 26% more estradiol overall compared to average women, a figure which rose to 37% at ovulation. The researchers say these higher levels would make such women almost three times more likely to get pregnant. (Proceedings: Biological Sciences, 10.1098/rspb.2004.2712).


Lymphoma patients who practiced Tibetan yoga for just seven weeks received significant benefits to their sleeping patterns, going to sleep faster, sleeping longer, experiencing better quality of sleep, and using less sleep medication compared with controls. (Cancer, April 16th, 2004).


Chlamydia infection is a well-known cause of infertility in women, but new research indicates that it can affect male infertility as well. Of 244 infertile couples tested, IgG antibodies (a marker of previous or persistent infection by Chlamydia trachomatis) were present in 24.2% of the women and 20.1% of the men, compared to 15.6% in controls (normally fertile women). The chances of achieving a pregnancy were found to be 33% lower in couples where the male partner showed IgG antibodies. Antibodies in the women were related to tubal factor infertility (TFI), but where the couple’s subfertility was linked to male IgG antibodies, there was no link to female TFI, suggesting another mechanism was involved. (Hum. Reprod. 2004 19: 1121-1126).


Early television exposure in children ages 1-3 is associated with attention problems at age 7, according to a study from Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle. The study showed that each hour of television watched per day at ages 1-3 increases the risk of attention problems such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), by almost 10% at age 7. ADHD affects between 4 to 12% of children in the United States, and is the most common behavioral disorder in children. (Pediatrics 2004;113:708–713)


Singing, or at least singing Mozart’s Requiem, both strengthens the immune system (measured by increases in concentration of immunoglobin A) and reduces stress (measured by increased hydrocortisone). The measurements were taken from professional singers before and after rehearsal. Just listening to the same piece of music a week later demonstrated no changes in levels. (US Journal of Behavioral Medicine).


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